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Simon Biggs
Born in Adelaide, Australia in 1957, new media artist Simon Biggs emerged as one of a small number of Australian artists during the 1970’s who were experimenting with electronic and digital media. With initial influences from diverse sources, such

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Marek Ivashchyshyn 24.08.2016
Marisa Gómez 23.08.2016
Open Call for Texts and Art Projects: "Art and New Media in Latin America". Deadline: September 15th
Oliver Grau 21.08.2016
Our Field is still growing: MediaArtHistories Research has more than 8000 Members now!
Paul Hertz 23.08.2016
This documentary video on #glitch and its precursors might interest researchers. It is centered on Chicago (#Chicago) and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but has some substantial information and ideas (and yes, I'm biased):
Juan Pablo Arias 23.08.2016
"One could imagine future technologies making use of self-dissolving or biodegradable transient electronics to contain symbolic digital possessions."
Claudia Hart 23.08.2016
My department at SAIC is looking to hire, my wish for is a VR narrative person. Please spread it and apply!
Joseph Nechvatal 22.08.2016
Monika Fleischmann 21.08.2016
Dear Friends and fellows, in case you are at ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany or nearby: Our work "Liquid Views" - the virtual mirror of Narcissus (1992) is currently shown in the foyer of the ZKM in Karlsruhe within the "Digital Water Games" exhibition. If you are at ZKM, PLEASE SEND US PHOTOS of you interacting with the installation for our artistic research on Performing Data and Interface! Many thanks and best greetings, Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss ================================================= "Liquid Views" (1992) by Fleischmann & Strauss, "a major classic of interactive media art" is one of the "masterpieces of media art" and part of the collection of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. The work has been shown at the opening of the ZKM in the Media Museum (1997) and in over 100 cities in the world. It was 'restored' during our stay as guest artists at the ZKM in 2016. Below pictures of "Liquid Views" during setup at the ZKM Foyer and Wolfgang Strauss in the studio.
Matej Vakula 21.08.2016
Spaceship Jasny Dom - an article about a futurological congress I did in Krakow in 2015.Quantum theory & probability applied to the definition of art. Book coming up soon! Link to EN transcript and photos:
Irina Spicaka 10.08.2016
Julien Baylewill deepen your knowledge of MaxMSP, Ableton Live and Jitter through CC4AV Workshops in Berlin
Thomas Philipp 21.08.2016
Mamma Mia! That's what artists look like after taking the booze card at the Flusser game :-) Here is a first look at MYTHOS VON THEUTH, a game that is currently under development by the Austrian based art group qujOchÖ. It is a playful-performative confrontation with cultural and media theories of the last centuries and offers a ludological reflection of theories from Platon to Gotthold Ephraim Lessing to Friedrich Nietzsche to Marshall McLuhan and Laura Mulvey. The 12 stations in form of a classical board game are undermined in manifold ways by using medial devices and channels. MYTHOS VON THEUTH will be published in 2017 in an open design version (free copy) and in a limited handmade extended version.
Alessandro Flux Violante 21.08.2016
Today in southern Italy, Abruzzi, we talk about media art here!
Jason Bernagozzi 20.08.2016
Natasha Chuk is the Signal Culture researcher in residence this week! Natasha Chuk, PhD is a New York City-based scholar of media, visual studies, and philosophy, as well as an independent curator. Her work focuses on the intersection between technology, interface, and perception, particularly objects that address relations between presence and absence. She is the author of the recently published book Vanishing Points: Articulations of Death, Fragmentation, and the Unexperienced Experience of Created Objects. For more info, go to
Oliver Grau 18.08.2016
The ARCHIVE of DIGITAL ART features LANFRANCO ACETI Lanfranco ACETI works across the borders of academia, art and curatorial practice and currently is the Director of Arts Administration at Boston University. His extensive interdisciplinary research focuses on a variety of subjects such as transmedia, inter-semiotic translations between traditional and new media and digital hybridization processes and digital activism. He has exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London and created digital art interventions internationally at venues such as TATE Modern, MOMA, ICA and the Irish Museum of Modern Art, was Artistic Director and Conference Chair for ISEA2011 Istanbul, and held lectures at numerous internationalconferences and institutions (Visual Culture Biennial, Boston University; Goldsmiths University; Victoria and Albert Museum; NYU). Furthermore, he is editor-in-chief and author of the Leonardo Electronic Almanach Series. Aceti is currently based at Boston University as Associate Professor of the Practice and Director of Arts Administration. Both as an artist and curator, Aceti is known for his interest in politicized art media practices that bring new critical perspectives and alternative forms of engagement. During his time at Sabanci University in Istanbul, he was director of Kasa Gallery, where he exhibited a range of innovative artworks like 75Watts by Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen from the MoMA collection, or Paolo Cirios Loophole for all. In 2012, he founded the Operational and Curatorial Research in Art, Design, Science and Technology (OCR) and the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC), which develop artistic and curatorial commissions, projects, publications, and academic events for international biennials, museums, and festivals. As lead artist and curator, he has developed a series of international projects over the past twenty years and continues to do so by creating synergies between institutions and cultural operators internationally. Jonathan MUNRO: Through his artworks, installations, performances and activism, Aceti explores the incongruity of contemporary times and the dissolution of social space. Absurdity, folly and a dark irony characterize his artworks which explore the Kafkian relationship between the individual, the body and the power of personified corporations and institutions. Dalia BOLOTNIKOV: One of Acetis fundamental goals as an artist is to justly represent the multitude of personal recollections, realities, and reflections during times of war and immense violence. He sees great potential in digital art for merg[ing] the narratives of the military and those of the civilians and constructing the locus of a compromise, where the images, by layering a shared past, wage war against each other in the attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable nature of the event that they represent. Download articles and find out more about Lanfranco ACETI on ADA: The ARCHIVE OF DIGITAL ART (ADA), the first web 2.0 based online archive in the humanities, expands its scope of documentation by including scholars to the database. ARTISTS and SCHOLARS are invited to become members of the online community and set up their ADA profile! To ensure a high academic standard, five published articles and/or exhibitions are required to become members of the ADA community. Apply for an account here: SHARE YOUR RESEARCH WITH PEERS AND THE COMMUNITY Community members can upload publications and PDFs, announce upcoming events, post comments, document exhibitions, conferences and other relevant news. ADA: THOUSANDS OF ARTWORKS Since its foundation in 1999, the ARCHIVE OF DIGITAL ART (former Database of Virtual Art) has grown to be the most important online archive for digital art. In cooperation with established media artists, researchers and institutions it has been documenting the rapidly evolving world of digital art and its related fields for more than a decade and contains today a selection of thousands of artworks at the intersection of art, science and technology. ARTISTS and SCHOLARS are invited to join the community and set up their own archive pages. EXPANDED DOCUMENTATION FOR THE NEEDS OF DIGITAL ART Due to the processual, ephemeral, interactive, technology-based and fundamentally context-dependent character of digital art, it is at risk for becoming extinct without an adequate documentation. Therefore, the ADA is based on an expanded concept of documentation, which takes account of the specific conditions of digital art. ARTISTS represented, among many others: Rebecca ALLEN, Suzanne ANKER, Cory ARCANGEL, Roy ASCOTT, Louis BEC, Maurice BENAYOUN, Paolo CIRIO, Charlotte DAVIES, FLEISCHMANN & STRAUSS, Masaki FUJIHATA, Ken GOLDBERG, Agnes HEGEDÜS, Lynn HERSHMAN LEESON, Ryoji IKEDA, Eduardo KAC, Ken RINALDO, KNOWBOTIC RESEARCH, Lev MANOVICH, George LEGRADY, Golan LEVIN, Rafael LOZANO-HEMMER, Joseph NECHVATAL, Michael NAIMARK, David ROKEBY, Jeffrey SHAW, Julius v. BISMARCK, Paul SERMON, Karl SIMS, SOMMERER & MIGNONNEAU, STANZA, Nicole STENGER, THOMSON & CRAIGHEAD, Peter WEIBEL, et al. Advisory board: Christiane PAUL, Roy ASCOTT, Erkki HUHTAMO, Gunalan NADARAJAN, Martin ROTH, et. al. ADA TEAM: Oliver GRAU Janina HOTH, Wendy COONES, Ann-Christin RENN, Viola RÜHSE, Devon SCHILLER (Editorial Team)
Javier Molina 18.08.2016
New Development Diary on directing performance in Social VR!
Fred Forest 16.08.2016
How and when Vinton G.Cerf, Vice President of Google and Chief Evangelist of Internet, introduces the French network artist and pioneer Fred Forest after having been his wedding witness in Issy-les-Moulineaux with Sophie Lavaud. The first marriage in the world broadcasted on the Internet by the two artists in 1999 ...
Oliver Grau 15.08.2016
Next *MediaArtHistories Conference* - Fall 2017 also here: Where Foucault and Sartre lectured.. - Sorbonne, Paris - Call for Papers soon.
Oliver Grau 04.08.2016
Our Colleagues, who teach also in the MediaArtHistories Master Program, offer this scholarship.
José Manuel Berenguer 08.08.2016
Open the call Zeppelin2016::Trees We are seeking for multifocal works for 24 loudspeakers of about 12 minutes of maxim duration. deadline : October 20, 2016 To be played in concert by October 28, 2016 at the Multifocal Spatializer of Orquestra del Caos at the Theater of Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Roberta Buiani 08.08.2016
FYI - Here is a Call for Artworks for the first ever distributed exhibition commissioned by ArtSci Salon. let’s fill those empty cabinets with brilliant #SciArt collaborations!
Marc Garrett 09.08.2016
Solimán López Cortez 09.08.2016
Harddiskmuseum project updated
Natalia Fuchs 10.08.2016
curatorial lab in the frame of Polytechnic museum and Ars Electronica joint project in Moscow "ARS TOPICA: CURATORIAL STRATEGIES IN ART & SCIENCE" run by Dmitry Bulatov ( Prix Ars Electronica nominee in the category Visionary Pioneers of Media Art), Natalia Fuchs (Polytechnic museum curator) and Dmitry Galkin (researcher, philosopher).. more details in the event. and we will share the results with the community!