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Christopher Salter
Christopher Salter is a media artist, performance director and composer/sound designer based in Montreal, Canada and Berlin, Germany. His artistic and research interests revolve around the development and production of real time,

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Allegra Solitue 19.09.2017
Mixes from the Field was initiated by Sharon Stewart and Michael McDermott at the end of 2016 and integrates Deep Listening, field recording, social justice, sonic ecology, meditation and music composition into a teaching framework of workshops, lectures, performances and…
Miriam De Rosa 19.09.2017
Tomorrow in London
Ricardo Dal Farra 16.09.2017
Leonardo/ISAST 50 years celebration -> October 6th, 2017 @ Concordia University, Montreal - QC, Canada. . Milieux - Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology (Concordia University) and Hexagram - International Network dedicated to Research-Creation in Media Arts, Design, Technology and Digital Culture (Concordia and UQAM).
Mohamed Thara 16.09.2017
Rodolfo Pitti 16.09.2017
Victor Acevedo 15.09.2017
Monika Fleischmann 14.09.2017
History of Women in VR by Jacki Morie - me included, not just americans ;-)
Paola Zucchello 14.09.2017
Art Web Gallery is pleased to present 5th edition of the exhibition Art&Photography. Good vision online:
Tincuta Heinzel 14.09.2017
Dear all, a reminder that the open call for attempts, failures, trials and errors approaches: 1st of October. To be presented during Pixel Festival in Bergen, Norway.
Stacy Jerger 13.09.2017
New in Leonardo Book Series! Ecstatic Worlds: Media, Utopias, Ecologies By Janine Marchessault Fred Forest's Utopia: Media Art and Activism By Michael F. Leruth
Asnath Goetz 13.09.2017
Become our next Curator at Curatorial Studies Venice. This years final show of the Course: HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? In a society that is constantly looking for more, we often find ourselfs thinking, how much is too much? Amelia Crouch (UK) | Oliver Czarnetta (GER) | Sam Ekwurtzel (USA) | Daniel Faust (USA) | Benjamin Hirte (AT) | Paloma Muñoz & Walter Martin (USA) | Rohwajeong (South Korea) | Giles Round (UK) | Vanessa Safavi (CH) | Aki Sasamoto (JAP) 28 September 2017 18.00 A Plus A Gallery. Venice for info on our curatorial programm: or likewise
Oliver Grau 13.09.2017
Dear Colleagues, we would be delighted by your interest in our new collective work: MUSEUM and ARCHIVE on the MOVE Changing Cultural Institutions in the Digital Era edited by: Oliver GRAU / Wendy COONES / Viola RÜHSE English, DeGruyter, Munich September 2017, 324 pp. With contributions by: Jorge Wagensberg, Viola E. V. Rühse, Dieter Bogner, Erkki Huhtamo, Ryszard W. Kluszczyński, Oliver Grau, Youngjin Lee, Okwui Enwezor, Wendy Coones, Sean Cubitt, Christiane Paul, Morten Søndergaard, Sarah Kenderdine / Jeffrey Shaw, Andreas Broeckmann, Harald Kraemer, Lev Manovich, Lutz Engelke / Anja Osswald The digital revolution fundamentally changed how cultural heritage is created, documented, analyzed, and preserved. The book focuses on this transformation’s impact. How must museums and archives meet the challenges of digitally generated cultures and how does the digital revolution influence traditional object collection, research, and education? How do digital technologies and digital art and culture affect our interaction with images? ISBN 978-3-11-052963-0 DeGruyter:
Marie-José Sondeyker 13.09.2017
TIP: Feedback: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts > 28 & 29 Sept EARLY BIRD TICKETS — Only This Week == 2-day International Symposium with Jasper Bernes (US), Josephine Bosma (NL), Cramer Florian (NL), Richard Cavell (CA), Garnet Hertz (CA), Dmytri Kleiner (CA), Ganaele Langlois (CA), Geert Lovink (NL), Willem van Weelden (NL) and moderated by Baruch Gottlieb (CA)
Hugo Martínez-Tormo 12.09.2017
Last days of "The drifting of a post-romantic gesture" at Centre del Carme just before traveling to Alicante, and last days to see "3DlightPrinter_Plastic bottle" and the light reflections over the water waves
Miriam De Rosa 12.09.2017
NECS #CCVA news awaiting your comments and feedback on the online group + questionnaire regarding our plans looking ahead #getinvolved #lookingforwardtoAMS2018
Rodolfo Pitti 11.09.2017
Monika Fleischmann 10.09.2017
Keynotes by Monika Fleischmann + Wolfgang Strauss at VIRTUALITIES + REALITIES + other immersive technologies. Artistic interventions at #RIXC Festival, #Riga Oct 19-21, 2017
Fred Forest 09.09.2017 Madam, Sir, out of respect for your duty to public to promote diverse forms of artistic expressions and in the name of fairness to artists, we ask you to please extend the duration of Fred Forest's exhibition, which has been cut in half. Addressees: Ms. Julie NARBEY, Director General of the Centre Pompidou, and Mr. Bernard Blistène, Director of the MNAM (National Museum of Modern Art), which like all public institutions in the field of the arts has a pedagogical mission to bear witness to the diverse range of artistic forms of expressions in our time in a manner that benefits the knowledge and awareness of the general public. You, who lay claim to a position on the cutting edge of society and not just culture. In this spirit of these objectives (I suppose), you have organized a very beautiful retrospective of the phenomenal and protean work of Fred FOREST, an artist largely unknown to the general public who is nonetheless a major figure of the socio-critical and political art of the latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st―one of the founders of Sociological Art and the Aesthetics of Communication International Group; a pioneer of interventions in the press, video art, and Net Art; and a leading new media theorist. For this reason, it is shocking to see the exhibition held in the basement, during the summer months (the period of lowest attendance), for only a month and a half (the usual duration of your major exhibitions being three months on average), with partial funding by the artist himself (the usual case being 100% financing using funds allocated to the institution), with a flimsy promotional campaign (I am only reporting the facts). This resembles a form of vindictiveness towards this artist, who often denounced the perverse effects of the industrialization of Art and staked out territories of free expression. For this reason, and since it is not possible at present to extend the duration of the Fred FOREST retrospective due to programming constraints, we ask you to be kind enough to consider its "relocation" to the 6th floor―a noble place reserved for artists of international notoriety―within a reasonable timeframe, as well as its completion with the addition of works by the artist from the period from 1985 to 2010, which were absent due to a lack of space in the original venue! We ask you to consider our request so that more people will be able to see the artist’s retrospective and thus pay a worthy tribute to a French artist who has left his mark on the history of Art.
Tzitzi Ming Quing Zing 08.09.2017
5-th International Conference on Digital Culture and Society The Center for New Media and Digital Culture at the South-West University "Neofit Rilski"- Blagoevgrad will hold its 5-th International Conference on Digital Culture and Society on 3-4 November 2017 in Blagoevgrad. The scientific-research center initiates a creative environment to share ideas and discuss issues that arise with the deployment of the digital revolution and the expansion of information and communication technologies in the society and culture of 21st century. The aim of the conference is to encourage and activate the researchers, postgraduates and students in the fields of culture, education and arts, which face new challenges and opportunities in the digital age. Co-organizers of the scientific forum are the Union of the Scientists in Bulgaria - Branch, Blagoevgrad, Faculty of Arts and Department of Cultural Studies at the South-West University "Neofit Rilski"- Blagoevgrad. CONFERENCE TOPICS ¨ Digital technologies in the contemporary society - economic, social, legal, ethical, philosophical questions ¨ Culture in the digital age - opportunities and challenges ¨ Internet, new media and civil society ¨ Educational policies in the 21st century ¨ Information and communication technologies in education ¨ Others Working languages: Bulgarian, English DEADLINES: · 15th of September 2017 - Application form with abstract in English · 30th of September 2017 - Confirmation of the accepted contributions; · 10th of October 2017 - Payment of registration fee · 30th of October 2017 - Sending the full paper All accepted papers will be: - Included in the international Scientific Book of Conference Proceedings in paper with ISBN code. - Indexed in Google Scholar. Contact Information: e-mail: Center for New Media and Digital Culture You can see the Invitation and Registration form here. Please come in to visit the conference!
Rachel Rits-Volloch 08.09.2017
OPENING TODAY: 7-10pm @ Momentum Worldwide HOLE WITHIN THE WHOLE: An interdisciplinary exhibition with installation, animation, and performance by Hobart Hughes