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To ensure a high academic standard 5 published articles and/or curated exhibitions are requisite for scholars to become members of the ADA community. Interested scholars may apply for an account here.

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Christopher Salter
Christopher Salter is a media artist, performance director and composer/sound designer based in Montreal, Canada and Berlin, Germany. His artistic and research interests revolve around the development and production of real time,

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Paola Zucchello 13.12.2017
Art Web Gallery is pleased to present 7th edition of the video exhibition Onda Mediale. Good vision online:
Jeneen Naji 12.12.2017
The Electronic Literature Organization is proud to offer the following three prestigious awards, The Robert Coover Award for a Work of Electronic Literature, The N. Katherine Hayles Award for Criticism of Electronic Literature, and The Marjorie C. Luesebrink Career Achievement Award. The Robert Coover Award for a Work of Electronic Literature is an award given for the best work of electronic literature of any length or genre. Bestowed by the Electronic Literature Organization and funded through a generous donation from supporters and members of the ELO, this annual prize aims to recognize creative excellence. The N. Katherine Hayles Award for Criticism of Electronic Literature is an award given for the best work of criticism, of any length, on the topic of electronic literature. Bestowed by the Electronic Literature Organization and funded through a generous donation from N. Katherine Hayles and others, this annual prize recognizes excellence in the field. The Marjorie C. Luesebrink Career Achievement Award honors a visionary artist and/or scholar who has brought excellence to the field of electronic literature and has inspired others to help create and build the field. Nomination Submissions Period: November 1, 2017-April 1, 2018 Jury Deliberations: April 13- July 1, 2018 Award Announcement: ELO Conference Banquet, Montrèal, Quebec
Oliver Gingrich 12.12.2017
2 More days until Maria Maria Kimatica brings you Illusions - the latest night in our FLUX Events at Dalston Boys Club. By Media Artists for Media artists, Maria Kimatica curated this night of performances, demos, talks with the support of the Computer Arts Society email: if you are attending. £5 Donations to support the Arts
José Manuel Berenguer 12.12.2017
Master in Sound Art / Sound Design Postgraduate Pre-registration open Pre-registration: from 01/05/2018 to 01/02/2018 Registration: from 01/02/2018 to 28/02/2018 Starting : 13/02/2018 Ending : 07/06/2018 Máster en Arte Sonoro / Postgrado de Diseño Sonoro Preinscripción abierta Prematrícula: del 01/01/2018 al 01/02/2018 Matrícula: del 01/02/2018 al 28/02/2018 Inicio docencia: 13/02/2018 Final de docencia: 07/06/2018
Seth Thompson 12.12.2017
IPC is excited to announce that the 27th International Panorama Council Conference will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, September 19 – 21, 2018. Please consider submitting a paper proposal!
Thomas Philipp 11.12.2017
You love art, media and philosophy? Than take a look at these christmas cookies. Price: 45 euros. Per piece! Michel Foucault was a French philosopher and psychologist who decisively shaped post-structuralist thinking. His portrait now decorates a shortbread made by the Austrian art collective qujOchÖ. In a one-time Christmas campaign, 100 copies of these Foucault cookies can be purchased for a price of 45 Euros each. WTF? Foucault, ok, cool, but a cookie for 45 euros? Are you crazy? To relieve the pain, the brand-new board game MYTH OF THEUTH is included in the purchase of a cookie. In this fantastic game you will move through ancient Athens, collecting different media in order to complete a mission. You will meet famous people who greatly influenced the development of media philosophies. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing shows you the limits of the image, Laura Mulvey takes a delightful gaze on your memorizing abilities, and Marshall McLuhan finally gets his well-deserved massage. Across 12 stations, you will use smartphones, newspapers, stamps, candy, hand, feet, pairs of eyes, and other means to discover the myth of the invention of writing by the Egyptian god Theuth, as described by Plato. Whoever manages to finish the mission first – with a combination of strategy, luck, and knowledge – will be worshiped as a divine medium! When you buy a biscuit, MYTH OF THEUTH comes in the standard version to your home, packed in a VHS cassette case, produced in a first edition of 500 pieces. If you would like to eat two Foucault biscuits, you will be rewarded with one copy from the limited and signed edition which is delivered in a slide box. It contains additional game material, including a sleep mask, several Lego bricks and Flusser's liqueur. The prices do not include shipping costs. More information and pictures of the game can be found at
Bernd Herzogenrath 07.12.2017
to tell you folks the following: my edited collection on the incredible work of the incredible Bill Morrison has just been published by AUP - thanx to all my spadoinkle contributors!!! anyone interested, you can read the intro here:
Miriam De Rosa 06.12.2017
In case anyone happens to be around and about Coventry, this Friday. All welcome.
Irina Spicaka 06.12.2017
VJ Fader presenting an example of a generative 360 scene created using Unity. Join 4-day Workshop ➝ Unity Game Engine for Artists (Berlin) and learn new skills in January 2018.
Marc Garrett 05.12.2017
Marc Garrett 04.12.2017
Devon Schiller 04.12.2017
SOCIETY FOR ARTISTIC RESEARCH Announcement: KuVa Research Day 2017 Academy of Fine Arts at Uniarts Helsinki Our annual event KuvA Research Days will take place December 11–13th 2017, at the Exhibition Laboratory gallery in Helsinki, Finland. The Doctoral Programme at the Academy of Fine Arts at Uniarts Helsinki has organized this annual artistic research event since 2015. During the KuvA Research Days, you will have an opportunity to participate in discussions concerning topical issues of artistic research. This year the multifaceted program includes talks, panel discussions, workshops, and project presentations by international researchers and artists. PROGRAM Monday 11.12.2017 Practices of notation – practices of reflection (16:30-21) Host: Professor Alex Arteaga, Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki This proposal offers a framework for the inquiry into a certain concept of notation and the specificities of and the mutual relationships between two varieties of practice: practices of notation and practices of reflection. Notation here is understood as the production of artifacts configured by signs generated and organized in correlation with ongoing events. On this basis, practices of notation are conceived as systematized varieties of aesthetic action performed in different media (e.g. graphic, video, audio, body movement) simultaneously and in immediate contact with the events to be notated. In contrast, practices of reflection are thought to be systematized forms of action that address recurrently the artifacts generated through practices of notation, producing second-order artifacts that might function as hermeneutic tools in relation to the products of notation and, therefore, to the notated events.These topics will be investigated here in relation to a specific research object: the agency of particular components of a situation that enable the emergence of the situation’s atmosphere. Introductory lecture on practices of notation and practices of reflection: Alex Arteaga and Nikolaus Gansterer Presentation of the results of the field research Open-ended discussion with all participants Tuesday 12.12.2017 (9:30-12) Revisiting Utopias of Access Host: Professor Mika Elo, Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki This half-day research event revisits the artistic research of the Academy of Fine Arts Doctoral Students presented at the Research Pavilion in Venice in the context of 57th Biennale during summer 2017. The event consists of a series of project presentations and a book launch related to the Research Pavilion: Futures of Artistic Research. At the Intersection of Utopia, Academia and Power edited by Jan Kaila, Anita Seppä and Henk Slager. The book is a collection of essays, which brings into focus and explains the actual significance and future possibilities of the experimental critiques that are emerging across the field of artistic research. There will also be an launching of a new page in the site. The page is a portal that collects current activity in Finnish artistic research, using automated feeds. Tuesday 12.12.2017 (13:00-19.30) The gift of seeing Host: Professor Lea Kantonen, Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki The Wixarika people living on the Western Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico have a rich tradition of non-official and unofficial art education dating back to pre-colonial times. Today many Wixarika communities are also founding their official self-governed institutions such as schools and museums and using digital technology in art pedagogy. How does a Wixarika teacher see an art students' quest for seeing? We explore this theme during the half-day event that includes keynotes, workshops, performances, and a screening, as well as dialogues between keynote guests and audience. Wednesday 13.12.2017 (9:00-18) Collisions. The contemporary in artistic research Host: Michael Schwab, Professor, Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki What is the relationship of artistic research to contemporary art? Can it help to further artistic practices interested in resisting the flow of our times, or is it complicit in making art available now not only as material object but also as object of knowledge? Keynote speakers Jacob Lund, Paul O’Neill, Elizabeth Fisher and Knut Ebeling explore the theme of this whole day seminar from various angels. There will also be a panel discussion with Hami Bahadori, Sezgin Boynik, Minna Henriksson, Marianne Niemelä and Elina Suoyrjö; chaired by Michael Schwab.
Vinzenz Hediger 04.12.2017