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Simon Biggs
Born in Adelaide, Australia in 1957, new media artist Simon Biggs emerged as one of a small number of Australian artists during the 1970’s who were experimenting with electronic and digital media. With initial influences from diverse sources, such

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Jihoon Kim 28.07.2016
Apologies for cross-posting and self-promotion: My first book, Between Film, Video, and the Digital, can now be purchased via Alternatively, you can purchase it with 35%-off discounted price (GBP 61.10) via Bloomsbury. For those who are interested in purchasing it on that condition, please send me a message via Facebook or email me ( so that I'll forward a discount flyer to you. Now that my book's price, currently available only in hardback, is over 100USD, it would be so grateful for you to request your host institution's - for instance, your university's or gallery's - library to purchase it.
Natalia Fuchs 28.07.2016
Hello! Here is interview about our co-production of Polytechnic Museum and Ars Electronica for Moscow. It was exciting to work on it. Exhibition is still opened until September 25, in Moscow. If you are there, please visit us >
Alexander Fedorov 27.07.2016
Alexander Fedorov 27.07.2016
Marc Garrett 27.07.2016
Alexander Fedorov 26.07.2016
Alexander Fedorov 26.07.2016
Ideological and Philosophical Analysis of the Functioning of Media in Society and Media Texts on Media Education Classes
Rex Bruce 26.07.2016
LACDA International Juried Competition Nancy Meyer (LACMA, Walker Art Center, and others) is on board for curating selected artists.
Alexander Fedorov 25.07.2016
Alexander Fedorov 25.07.2016
Autobiographical Analysis on Media Education Classes for Student Audience
Miriam De Rosa 25.07.2016
Alexander Fedorov 24.07.2016
Violence on the Russian & American Media Screen and Youth Audience
Alexander Fedorov 24.07.2016
Cesar Escudero Andaluz 24.07.2016
BitterCoin is an old calculator machine hacked to be used as a miner validating the pending bitcoins transactions in the Blockchain (Online distributed data base). BitterCoin combines Internet of Things, media archaeology and economy. The operations are displayed on the calculator screen and printed afterwards.
Alexander Fedorov 23.07.2016
Alexander Fedorov 22.07.2016
Alexander Fedorov 22.07.2016
Joseph Nechvatal 22.07.2016
Computer Virus 1.0 Paris : A look back at the first Hypercard virus work from 1992-3.
Alexander Fedorov 21.07.2016
Alexander Fedorov 21.07.2016
Rachel Rits-Volloch 21.07.2016
This Saturday come see the talented MOMENTUM Artists-in-Residence in action! Alysha Creighton and Hale Ekinci present their new work at Momentum Worldwide Open Studios: Saturday 23 July at 1-5pm Performance by Alysha Creighton at 3pm Artist Talk at 3:30pm MORE INFO: