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Sean Cubitt
Sean Cubitt is Professor of Film and Television and co-Head of the Department of Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London; Professorial Fellow of the University of Melbourne and Honorary Professor of the University of Dundee. His

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Postgraduate on Sound Creation | Sound Art Master ...

José Manuel Berenguer 7:26pm Jul 27
Postgraduate on Sound Creation | Sound Art Master | University of Barcelona

The SOUND CREATION POSTGRADUATE - MATERIALS AND TOOLS focuses on understanding the ideas and techniques required to articulate an art production proposal in the field of sound art, along with the technology needed to undertake it. It uses reference texts that address new ways of looking at (and hearing) sound, helping students to articulate new ideas fully contextualized within the framework of international contemporary art.

Professors : Josep Cerdà (director, Sculpture and Sonic Objects), Josep Manuel Berenguer (coordinator, Psychoacoustics and Experimental Music), Carmen Pardo (Ethics and Aesthetics of Sound Art), Roc Jiménez de Cisneros (Elements on Musical Generation), Ray Gallon (Radio Art), Carlos Gómez (Soundscape Recording), Barbara Held (Sound Installation) and Martí Ruíz (Sculpture and Sonic Objects)

Pre-registration form 05/01/2015 to 09/22/2015
Registration from 09/22/2015 to 10/13/2015
Beginning of course 10/13/2015
End of course 04/02/2015

Pre-enrolment open

Academic programe :
Contact: |
This postgraduate can be followed independently or as a part of modules that configure The MASTER STUDIES IN SOUND ART OF UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA (70 Credits ECTS) :

-FINAL MASTER WORK (10 credits ECTS, next October - January)

The Master in Sound Art of University of Barcelona collaborates with, Santa Mònica and Convent de Sant Agustí, that provide spaces and suport for public and academic activities of the Master, and Orquestra del Caos, that organizes The Zeppelin Sound Art Festival and Hangar Multifocal research activities, giving to students the chance to work and participate in experiences in programming and managing multiple microphone and loudspeaker environments.

My book "Instruments for New Music" will be publis...

Thomas Patteson 5:50pm Jul 27
My book "Instruments for New Music" will be published by University of California Press in November 2015. It will also be released as an open-access digital version available to anyone on the internet. Should be of interest to scholars of music, sound studies, media history, German studies, early 20th-century modernism, and techno-culture in general.

The first installment of my journey into an extrao...

Randall Packer 7:06pm Jul 14
The first installment of my journey into an extraordinary yet relatively unknown slice of media history: Videofreex

Walter Funk 7:11pm Jul 14
Long live the freex!

Randall Packer 7:12pm Jul 14
Yes, and long live all of us videofreex!!

Walter Funk 7:14pm Jul 14
Exactly! Keeping the flame alive. Gonna fly my freex flag high.

Craig Saper 8:03am Jul 15
Lynn Tomlinson, this reminds me of Dennis Pies projects in video

Alan Sondheim 3:02pm Jul 15
are you also looking at Raindance, etc.? There was a huge amount of undocumented work of similar import at the time -

Randall Packer 3:43pm Jul 27
Alan, I'm not familiar with Raindance, do you have a link?

Marc Garrett 4:41pm Jul 27
Thanks Randall, it always cheers me up to see people claiming media tools to create conditions that offer potential for others to engage beyond official structures on peer terms -- it offers hope.

Randall Packer 4:47pm Jul 27
Yes, Marc, their work is truly an inspiration and demonstrates the real power of collective participation.

Alan Sondheim 4:56pm Jul 27 and there was more than this. used to get Radical Software. some of these groups actually made it to network tv at the time -

Alan Sondheim 4:58pm Jul 27
You might even look at Canada's N.E. Thing Company which was using slowscan tv at the time - and then there were a lot of independent videomakers getting their work shown all over; the system was a lot more porous I think

Marc Garrett 5:10pm Jul 27
Hi Alan, yes -- Gregory Sholette has collaborated with Blake Stimson on an excellent book I've been reading (post-dark matter), called "collectivism after modernism", and it revisits much of this stuff being discussed in this thread -- and certainly puts our own art collective in a historical perspective. Who knows, some academics may even write about us one day, after all -- we've been around since 96 ;-)

Randall Packer 5:14pm Jul 27
Oh yes Alan, I forgot that Raindance published Radical Software, thanks for the reminder.

Christiane Paul's classic "Digital Art" in the Tha...

Tamiko Thiel 10:21pm Jul 26
Christiane Paul's classic "Digital Art" in the Thames and Hudson World of Art series is now out in an expanded and updated 2015 version - the third printing!

Joelle Dietrick 5:06pm Jul 27
Yay. Finally.

Friendly reminder: Please post news related to Me...

Oliver Grau 6:37pm Jul 26
Friendly reminder:

Please post news related to MediaArtHistories Research only!

All other posts are deleted immediately and members are banned if they violate this simple rule. This concerns also postings related to festivals with no specific academic program.

Thanks for your understanding!

Marc Garrett 10:31pm Jul 26
Hi Oliver, does this mean my post regarding 'Semiotext(e) Vol.2, No.3 (1977)" is illegal?

Oliver Grau 10:33pm Jul 26
no, why?

Marc Garrett 10:33pm Jul 26
Just checking...

Barbara Flueck-Iger 3:52pm Jul 27
Sounds very familiar to me...

These are three of the ten books on artists' movin...

Grahame Weinbren 12:46am Jul 27
These are three of the ten books on artists' moving image reviewed in MFJ 62 which will be published in October. Watch for the other seven. Please renew your subscription or subscribe for the first time to help us pay the printer and designer. We have no external support, only sales, ads, and donations keep us going. https:...

Heriknaz Sibirian 6:47pm Jul 26

Art Clay 9:57am Jul 24
available in Europe, North America, and East Asia.

Fred Turner on the Pepsi Pavilion and experimental...

Douglas Kahn 10:43am Jul 22
Fred Turner on the Pepsi Pavilion and experimental arts in the Cold War.

Nathan Thompson 11:48am Jul 23
bringing together anyone with rich parents or deep pockets