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The Archive of Digital Art expands its field and includes scholars in its documentation. Scholars are invited to become members of the online community and set up their own ADA entry!

Scholars have the possibility to upload publications and text pdfs, announce upcoming events, post comments, document exhibitions, conferences and other relevant events and be represented in the Archive.

The community features also allow the active exchange of professional information with peers and the new “Light box” tool facilitates the examination and comparison of images for research and teaching.

To ensure a high academic standard 5 published articles and/or curated exhibitions are requisite for scholars to become members of the ADA community. Interested scholars may apply for an account here.

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Giselle Beiguelman
Giselle Beiguelman is a media artist and Professor at the School of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Sao Paulo (FAU-USP). Her work include interventions in public spaces, networked projects and mobile art applications, exhibited

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N.paradoxa: International Feminist Art Journal cre...

Devon Schiller 3:17pm May 29
N.paradoxa: International Feminist Art Journal creates searchable database of theses on contemporary woman artists!

We thought you would like to know about a brand new feature on n.paradoxa’s website:

We have created a searchable list of 1171 MA and PhD theses on feminist art/contemporary women artists in 35 countries (1974-present).

The list contains links to information pages with abstracts in Open Access Repositories, and full text PDFs.
Go to :

Given the growing number of MAs and PhDs available in electronic form, we wanted to provide an accessible route to this research on contemporary women artists and feminist art.
Careful searching of this project also highlights many trends and tendencies in feminist research across different countries.

We do not claim this project captures “all” theses written on this subject, but we searched widely across the net to find these 1171.
We have also provided information about some of the publications which have resulted from this research.

We would very much like you to check if it contains theses you are aware of and maybe those you have written or supervised.
If not, we invite you to add to this project by filling in the form on our website.
We especially need your help to map research in many countries like Japan, Russia, Korea, China etc where no English access point is used in national search engines and libraries for etheses or dissertations. We are aware that there are many art schools or Universities where students may have conducted research into feminist art, but the institutions have not joined any electronic thesis collection or database system.

This project was created by Frances Hatherley and Katy Deepwell at Middlesex University between Jan-May 2015.

Please send us your feedback and use the form to add to this project.

The exhibition archive is to give international vi...

Gorica Orsholits 12:17pm May 29
The exhibition archive is to give international visibility and accessibility to East European art events, and to enable cross-national research and comparisons. With the collaboration of international experts essential data of exhibitions and event series of key importance are collected and contextualized.

call amber'15

Fazz Moon 2:44pm May 28
call amber'15

Momentum is the oldest and most established bienni...

Marco Mancuso 1:27pm May 28
Momentum is the oldest and most established biennial for contemporary art in the Nordic region. Momentum 8 explores tunnel vision as a cultural and artistic condition. Whereas the psychedelic movement of the 1960s was concerned with mind expansion, Momentum 8 focuses on experiences of a narrowing-down of the mind.

Send your papers to the exciting ACE 2015 conferen...

Adrian David Cheok 7:47am May 27
Send your papers to the exciting ACE 2015 conference!

Submit your work, this is a great film & video fes...

Jason Bernagozzi 12:50am May 27
Submit your work, this is a great film & video festival!

Roy Ascott 4:03pm May 26

if in Stockholm on Saturday, come hear me and Lori...

Jussi Parikka 5:55am May 26
if in Stockholm on Saturday, come hear me and Lori talk about media archaeology - includes also the launch of A Geology of Media:

Seminário: Democracia, Media e Corrupção | 29 m...

Patrícia Contreras 11:26pm May 25
Seminário: Democracia, Media e Corrupção | 29 maio
Auditório do Tribunal de Contas
Entrada Livre

No âmbito do projecto de investigação “Cobertura jornalística da corrupção política: uma perspectiva comparada” vai ter lugar na próxima sexta-feira, 29 de Maio, com início às 10H00, no auditório do Tribunal de Contas, um seminário no qual serão apresentados resultados do projecto.
O seminário será aberto pelo presidente do Tribunal de Contas e do Conselho de Prevenção da Corrupção, Guilherme Oliveira Martins e terá como orador convidado o juiz-desembargador Rui Rangel que fará a comunicação inaugural. O Procurador do Ministério Público Carlos Ferreira comentará os resultados do caso Face Oculta no 1.ºpainel que será moderado pelo director da revista Sábado, Rui Hortelão.
Para além dos oradores convidados, apresentam comunicações os investigadores do projecto Isabel Ferin (coordenadora), Estrela Serrano, João Figueira, António Maia, Rita Figueiras e Ana Cabrera que modera o 2.º painel. A investigadora brasileira Helcimara Teles. Apresentará resultados da investigação no Brasil

Consulte a programação em

Hangaraje . Mañana Martes 26 a las 19 en hangar ...

José Manuel Berenguer 8:49pm May 25
Hangaraje . Mañana Martes 26 a las 19 en hangar

Desde las 19h

1. Edgar Castro - Realidades Aparte de Esta Realidad
2. Juan Pablo Egúsquiza y Uriel Ríos - Pangea
3. Federico Echave - Inmersión en la Oscuridad de la Sangre Fresca
4. Mercedes Delclós - Sonogramas
5. María Durán
6. Julian Scordato - Resonances
7. Juan Manuel Castrillo - Arasy
8. Daniel Authier y Sebastián De los Ríos - Hot Jazz
9. Alessandro Olla y Chiara Picotto - AnyWhereAnyWay
10. Violeta Ospina - Oídosea - Sucidio sonoro
11. Juan David Segura - Ecosistemas
12. Alfonso Pretelt - Metainteracciónglitch
13. Diana Medina - PZP 001